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board of directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for the overall BAAS charter and strategic direction. The Board members come from a variety of backgrounds including sales, marketing, finance and legal. Most importantly, we are all proud adoptive parents with a passion for BAAS and its mission.

"BAAS was a wonderful guide and provided all the support we needed throughout our entire adoption journey.  With their help, we now have the beautiful little girl we always wanted and our family is complete!. Children are a blessing no matter where they come from and serving on the Board gives us the honor of helping other families with their dreams."

Raghu and Lori Viswanathan
(adopted from India)

"Our wonderful daughters, Kaitlin (4 1/2) and Allison (3), are with us through BAAS' expert and supportive help. Volunteering at BAAS allows us to help other people realize their dream of having a family."

Frank Foehr & Rene Coronado
(adopted from China)

"Holding Susu in my arms for the first time in the adoption agency in Chongqing was perhaps the most emotional moment in my life. And watching her grow and flourish in San Francisco is a very moving experience for everyone around her, and most rewarding for myself, her mom. I am very grateful to every member of the dedicated and caring BAAS team for their help and support in bringing Susu to my life, and hope my involvement now will help more families share the joys and meaning of my own journey!"

Kathleen Nielsen
(adopted from China)

Marco Rosa brings over 20 years of human resources experience and joined MAP Pharmaceuticals in May 2008 as Vice President of Human Resources. In addition to his extensive human resources experience, Mr. Rosa served as a Captain in the BioMedical Corps (Search & Rescue Operations) of the United States Air Force. Mr. Rosa received his B.A. degree in Psychology from St. Michael's College and his M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology from New York University. He and his wife are parents through domestic adoption of a son who recently has begun college.

Marco F. Rosa

Olana Hirsch Khan joined the BAAS Board in early 2008. As an adopted child, Olana has always been very involved in working with the international adoption community. Beginning with her work in a Thai orphanage in 2007, Olana has donated her time and organizational talent to supporting the needs of global adoption agencies and orphanages. Olana has a background in the high tech sector as well the non profit sector, most recently as Chief Operating Officer for She is currently a full time mom who enjoys working with incubator non profits and providing consulting resources for start up companies.

Olana Hirsch Khan

Adopting our son Kris from Paraguay in 1992 is the greatest gift in our lives. Creating a family and the miracle of adopting Kris, wouldn't have happened without the caring support and direction of Bay Area Adoption Services and their dedicated staff. THANK YOU BAAS! I am proud to be part of such remarkable organization

Cindy, Randall, and Kris Rasicot
(adopted from Paraguay)

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