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BAAS is committed to children worldwide and has contributed to several well deserving orphanages, schools and projects. If you are able to support BAAS and our philanthropic endeavors, click here.

From time to time, BAAS will bring you information about charitable organizations or causes that our staff, parents or others related to our organization have brought to our attention. BAAS strongly recommends that you research each charity prior to donating. BAAS makes no representation or warranty about any of these organizations, either express or implied and information here is provided "AS IS."

China – Incubators for medical care
China – Incubators for medical care
BAAS donated 5 incubators to social welfare
organizations in China so that they can provide
better medical care for children. To quote the
agencies .. “Your love has left roots in these
children’s hearts”. View letter (.pdf file) »
China – Special Needs children
BAAS donated $7,000 towards the rehabilitation
of handicapped children in China. BAAS has also
successfully placed several special needs children
with families. View Certificate (.pdf file) »
Guatemala – Elementary school teachers
The Consejo de Lectura de Guatemala (Reading Council) did a day-long inservice in Chicacao, which was attended by about 200 teachers. BAAS’s donation helped teachers improve the learning experience for needy elementary students.
Nicaragua – Cantera
Cantera is a social services agency that works with victims of domestic violence and needy children, including street children.
Philippines - Association of Child Caring Agencies of the Philippines (ACCAP)
BAAS donated $5000 to ACCAP which is an integral part of the adoption process in the Phillippines.
View letter (.pdf file) »
BAAS has worked with the APIF orphanage in Guatemala City for many years, particularly for the adoption of older children.  We were happy to be able to donate $5K to renovate the backyard into a play space for the children.  Also, the refrigerator used for the babies was woefully out of date and inadequate for storage.  With our donation, they were able to replace it.
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