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Support Our Work

Please consider making a donation to support international adoption. There are two ways to help.

(1) Donate to the BAAS Fund

Why support BAAS
Please consider making a donation to support the work of BAAS. Donations are our only source of income other than fees paid by adopting families. We try to keep these fees as low as possible so that more families can adopt. Every child deserves with a permanent loving family. Please help us to make it happen.

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(2) Donate to the BAAS Orphanage project

BAAS is proud to be associated with orphanages around the world that have placed children with BAAS parents. These orphanages run purely on the generosity of people and organizations who believe in children. BAAS is currently raising $40,000 and this money will be donated in its entirety to 8 orphanages in China, India, Russia, Philippines and other countries.

Donations will be used by the orphanages to:

  • Provide basic necessities for the children
  • Medical care
  • Care for handicapped children
  • Expansion of orphanage facilities
  • And much much more...

Here are the projects that we have already supported.

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