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China (Special Needs)

Bay Area Adoption Services is one of the agencies approved by the CCAA to use CCAA Online Information System to seek loving homes for children with special needs and older children over 6 years of age.

We receive files of special needs children and older children over 6 years old from CCAA released to multiple agencies as well as to our individual agency. Files of these children are available for interested adoptive families. The most common special needs include cleft palate and lip, limb difference, albinism, congenital heart disease, hepatitis B, burns, port wine birthmark, ichthyosis, hernia, scoliosis and deafness. BAAS works with families nation-wide who are committed to adopt special needs children.

For families who live in the Bay Area, they need to complete the homestudy with BAAS before their dossiers are send to CCAA for special needs children’s adoption. The adoption process is the same as families who adopt non-special needs children with the exception that it is an identified adoption and the waiting time to travel to China is much shorter than that of adopting a non-special need child.

For families living outside of the Bay Area, they will need to complete a homestudy with a licensed adoption agency in their area and BAAS will help with the placement of a special need child as the placement agency. To find out more about our China special needs adoption program, please join BAAS waiting children yahoo group.

BAAS waiting children Yahoo group

We would like to invite you to join BAAS waiting children Yahoo group. This is a group for families interested in our waiting child program. Families can find up to date information on waiting children from our agency list as well as the shared list. This is also a group for families adopting through BAAS to share support of each other during their adoption journey.

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